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AsYouAge is the only comprehensive resource where seniors, their families and caregivers can find and access senior-related information, resources and services from the government, non-profits and the private sector - all on one site.

Our website is filled with key information, resources and web links that Baby Boomers, Seniors of all ages, families and caregivers need when researching, planning for and deciding about their own changing lifestyles and needs or the needs of the ones they love.

Written by Seniors for Seniors, AsYouAge simplifies the search for Senior information and eldercare resources, assistance programs and other services.

There’s no need to search all over the web any more.

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AsYouAge Addresses 3 Critical Needs

Of Seniors, Adult Children, Families & Caregivers

1. Current, reliable Information about Senior issues and concerns 


2. Easy, 1-click access to government, private and non-profit resources and assistance programs for Seniors and their families

3. Information and 1-click access to resources, businesses organizations, volunteers and other providers of assistance and support for families and caregivers of Seniors, the elderly and other vulnerable individuals.

  1.   Senior Health

  2.   Senior Healthcare

  3.   Maintaining Independence As You Age

  4.   Senior Living and Senior Housing Options

  5.   Senior Medical Concerns and Medicine

  6.   Senior Nutrition, Diet and Healthy Living

  7.   Exercise and Senior Fitness

  8.   Senior Safety and Accident Prevention

  9.   Senior Care, ElderCare and Caregiving

  10.   Legal Services and Estate Planning For Seniors    

  11.   Insurance (LTC) and Financial Planning For Seniors and Families

  12.   Insurance and Long Term Care Planning For Seniors

  13.   Social Security,Medicare and Medicaid

  14.   Assistance Programs For Seniors, Families and Caregivers

  15.   End of Life Issues and Planning

  1.   Government services and programs

      (Federal, regional, state, county and local)

  1.   Private sector agencies, organizations, foundations

  2.   Non-profit organizations, foundations, etc.

  1.   Government services and programs

      (Federal, regional, state, county, local)

  1.   Private sector agencies, organizations, foundations

  2.   Private sector product and service providers

  3.   Non-profit organizations, foundations, etc.

5 Good Reasons

To Use AsYouAge

  1. 1. It’s written by Seniors for Seniors.  We focus on what Seniors and their families need to know as we age.

  1. 2. It’s fast and easy to find the information you need on AsYouAge.

  1. 3. You can find extensive up-to-date directories of Senior resources, Senior organizations, Senior services and Senior-focused businesses.

  1. 4. You can view and print dozens of checklists, organizers, tip sheets,   handbooks, guides and assessments  that are related to the topics we cover on AsYouAge.

  1. 5. The information and resources we provide on are trustworthy, reliable and, best of all, free!

Erin “Fitz” Fitzgerald

Talks About

Every day I am reminded just how   precious time is - especially when it’s time spent with the people we love and care for most.

When my Dad became seriously ill, I spent hours and hours searching the Web, sorting through bits and pieces of information and following web links (that were misleading or went nowhere) until my eyes crossed.

It was weeks before I felt I had reliable information and answers to even a few of my many questions and concerns - precious time that I  would rather would have spent with my Dad and Mom.

I decided no one should have to spend so much time and effort to find the information and resources they need online, and that things would be different if my Mother - or anyone else dear to me - needed information and help in the future

The result is AsYouAge  Media Group and, a Senior information website focused on issues and concerns related to aging, and a link directory of resources, organizations, programs, aid and assistance services for Baby Boomers, Seniors, their families and caregivers.   

I hope the information and resources you find on AsYouAge  and our family of websites helps you quickly find the help and support you need, and frees up more precious time for you to spend with the special people in your life.

Come visit us often - we’re always adding new information.

Erin Fitz


I’d appreciate it if you take a minute and share with your family, friends and acquaintances.  Give them the gift of time, too!  Provides Free, Reliable Senior Information and Resources

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Our goal is to make it fast and easy for you to find trustworthy, reliable information, answers and resources about Senior concerns and issues on the Internet. 

It can take hours - sometimes days - of frustrating searches to find the answers you need or the right person to talk to about your concern - whether you’re online or offline. 

That’s the reason for  We help you find what you need with just a click from our website.  Please let us know how we’re doing.  

We welcome and appreciate your inquiries, comments and suggestions.


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As You Age

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Comments & Questions

303-358-7600  Tel

303-284-3702  FAX

As You Age

9600 E. Arapahoe Road  #285

Greenwood Village, CO  80112

How AsYouAge Operates

AsYouAge is a Denver-based information and resource website developed for Baby Boomers, Seniors, aging parents, their families and caregivers. 

Our information, checklists, resource links and extensive provider databases are designed to make it fast and simple for Seniors and their families to find trusted, reliable information, answers and resources for the challenges we face as we and our loved ones age.

As seniors ourselves, we know first-hand how stressful and difficult it can be to find, evaluate, and provide care for ourselves, our parents, a family member or friend. continuously sorts through the fragmented information and resources about Seniors’  concerns and presents the information - as well as corresponding resources, programs and services - in an easy-to-understand format that saves you extensive search time.. 

The website takes the frustration of finding the eldercare information, assistance and support you or your loved one needs.  We provide free information from trusted resources, care tips, information organizers and resource and assistance links for key  areas related to senior health, aging, care, housing and caregiving.

We strive to provide you with you one-click links and access to reliable federal, state and local government services, programs, private and non-profit organizations - as well as products and service providers that can help you take better care of yourself and  your loved ones as you age.

The information, content, materials, advice, recommendations, etc. on our website is provided “as is” and “as available” and is intended solely as general information.  It is not intended as legal, financial medical, healthcare or any other kind of professional advice; it is not intended medical diagnosis or treatment for any individual problem; nor is it a substitute for legal, financial, medical healthcare or any other kind of professional advice and/or services from a qualified professional provider familiar with your unique facts and circumstances.

AsYouAge and its affiliates, agents, employees, directors officers, suppliers, contributors and other site users do not make any warranties regarding the conformity with any government regulations requiring the disclosure of prescription pharmaceutical product information. 

AsYouAge is a for-profit business, but our service is free for consumers.  Our funding comes from advertising, partnerships and sponsorships from the organizations, associations, products and service providers who participate in our referral programs.  These relationships are kept strictly separate from the content that appears on our website.  Any company that becomes a partner, sponsor or advertiser is identified as such.

The information provided on provided with the understanding that neither AsYouAge nor its affiliates are engaged in rendering legal, medical counseling or any other professional  or non-professional service or advice.  Your use of the service is subject to this disclaimer.

AsYouAge and its affiliates assume no responsibility for any consequence relating directly or indirectly to any action or inaction you take based on the information or information link, material, content or resource on or from the service. is a directory of Senior information and Senior resources for in-home care, healthcare, senior housing, Social Security, Medicare, Veterans benefits, elderlaw, nutrition, fitness, travel, finance, medical symptoms, consumer protection, senior  care, caregiving and more.

AsYouAge will continue grow, and so will our network of associated sites. 

Look for our digital properties to develop into additional informational websites serving Baby Boomers, Seniors, their Families and Caregivers with even more focused knowledge, resources and service information.