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As You Age

Checklists and Organizers

Senior Health

    14 Ways To Improve Your Health


Healthy Aging

    Make Your Home Safe As You Age Checklist

Healthy Living

     Health and Wellness Resources

Senior Nutrition

    Dietary Guidelines

     70 & Beyond: What To Eat

    11 Health Benefits Of A High Fiber Diet

     How To Eat More Whole Grains  (Healthy Whole Grains Page)

     25 Low Carb Fruits & Vegetables

     Understanding Nutrition Labels


  Managing Your Diabetes

    Foot Care Instructions For People With Diabetes


    6 Common Sense Ways To Lose Weight As You Age

     19 Medical Complications of Obesity

Senior Fitness

    9 Benefits Of Weight Lifting & Strength Training


  Senior Housing

   Senior Housing: Costs Coverage Checklist

     Home Safety Checklist For Seniors

     Is Your Home Age-In-Place Ready?

     Quick Start Home Safety Questions

     Programs And Services For Seniors

     10 Steps To Take Before Mom Moves In

     Nursing Home Residents’ Rights

     Questions For CCRCs & Life Care Facilities

    Independent Living Checklist

     Senior Apartment Checklist

     More Tips For Apartment Shoppers

Senior Care & Caregiving

     Senior Care Costs Coverage Checklist

     Mini Mental Status Exam Example

Legal & Estate Planning

      Directory of State and Local Bar Associations

Financial Planning

    66 Ways To Save Money

Long-Term Care Insurance

   Long Term Care Insurance: Know The Basics

     Long Term Care Insurance:  Who Pays   (Chart)

Medicare and Medicaid

   Medicare, Medicaid And Paying For Senior Housing Costs

   Medicare & Paying For Senior Healthcare

    Senior Healthcare: 6 Ways To Pay

Social Security

    Social Security Questions And Answers

Senior Medical Information

    Senior Medical Links For Conditions, Symptoms & Treatments

    Senior Medical Information Links From The AGS

     Senior Medical Information From Medline Plus (NIH)

     What To Ask Your Doctor

     Check Your Disease Risk Factors

    Personal Health Records Organizer

    Emergency Information Organizer

Senior Safety & Security

    Senior Safety Tips From The CPSC

    Consumer Information From The FTC

     Personal Safety & Security Videos

     Senior Safety At Home

     Prevent Break-Ins And Burglaries

     Senior Safety In Your Car

     Senior Safety Out In Public

     Guard Against Fraud,Scams & Con Games

     Types Of Elder Abuse & How To Spot The Warning Signs

     12 Warning Signs Of Intentional Elder Abuse

Seniors, Driving & Safety

    Unsafe Driver Checklist


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