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•Never walk barefoot.       

•Ensure your shoe is made of soft leather; avoid plastics.

•Use proper walking or running shoes only; ask your foot doctor for advice.

•Never soak your feet in salt (Epsom Salt).

•Check the inside of each shoe with your hand before placing your feet in them.

•Inspect the soles of your feet daily. If you are unable to see the bottom of your feet, place a mirror against a wall to see their reflection.

•Buy new shoes at the end of the day, and break in new shoes 2 hours every day for 2-3 weeks before using shoes normally.

•If you have a problem with your feet, see an orthotist for custom or specially molded shoes just for your feet.

Caring For Your Toes and Toenails Is Also Important

Tips For Cutting Your Toenails:

•Cut toenails straight across or file with an emery board.

•Never cut into corners to prevent the risk of ingrown toenails.

•Cut toenails after bathing when they are soft and easier to trim.

When Examining Your Feet, Look For:

  1.     Skin color changes or redness (see your doctor immediately)

  2.     Pain in the leg

  3.     Ingrown or fungal toenails (see your doctor immediately)

  4.     Corns or calluses

  5.     Swelling of the foot or ankle

  6.     Open sores that are slow to heal

  7.     Dry cracks in the skin

  8.     Rub marks, blisters or sores from tight or poorly fitting shoes

You Need To Wash  And Examine Your Feet Every Day

Proper foot care can prevent disease, and also delay the onset or progression of diabetic foot disease.  Simple routine daily foot care helps you detect and manage potential foot issues early - before they turn into big problems.  It’s also important to have a doctor or health professional check your feet at least once a year.

Daily examination and foot care can help prevent the onset or progression of diabetic foot disease, including issues that can lead to amputation.



1. Wash and examine your feet daily; between the toes too. Treat sores, blisters and cracks right away.

2. Cut the toenails straight across and file the edges round to avoid ingrown toenails.

3. Dry your feet properly, with a soft towel.  Dry care-fully between each toe.

4. Moisturize your feet (not between toes) to avoid dry skin and cracked heels.

1. Don’t let your feet soak – not even in a foot spa.

2. Don’t walk barefoot inside   or outside of the house.

3. Don’t try to cut corns and calluses yourself.  See your doctor or health provider.

4. Don’t use hot-water bottles or heaters near your legs or feet.

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Foot Care Instructions For People With Diabetes

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