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What Is Healthy Aging?

Aging doesn’t just mean getting older or adding a candle to the cake every year.  It is the essence, the process, the cycle of life. 

How you manage and balance the different aspects of your life plays a part in determining how well you age, especially as you get older.

You can manage some aspects of your life

  1.     Your physical health

  2.     Your emotional health

  3.     Your social health

  4.     Your financial health

Still, some things in life you just can’t prepare for

  1.     Accidents

  2.     Unexpected injuries

  3.     Illnesses & diseases

  4.     Hereditary conditions

  5.     Mental disease and/or depression

No matter how you feel about aging, 2 things are certain

  1. 1.    Like it or not, it’s going to happen:  you will age.

  2. 2.    You can take positive steps to help yourself along the way.


The resources and links below provide a variety of ways to learn about living a life that promotes healthy aging.

You’ll also find healthy aging resources, programs and services offered by the government and organizations that are designed specifically for people over 50 - that means you, Boomers and Seniors.

Find Reliable Internet Resources on Aging

From AsYouAge

US Administration on Aging
The AoA is the focal point in the US Department of Health and Human Services for the nation's older adult concerns. The AoA has a network of 670 Area Agencies on Aging, 57 Territorial and State Units on Aging, 270 tribes, and over 27,000 services providers.

National Association of State Units on Aging
NASUA is comprised of 57 state and territorial units. These offices on aging provide consumer information, fund critical nutrition and supportive services, provide elder rights, legal services, outreach, and work to prevent elder abuse.

National Association of Area Agencies on Aging
The 661 N4As plan, develop, and arrange for services to assist older people who are in the greatest need. The N4As contract with 27,000 service provider agencies and public and private groups to provide home and community-based care services.

National Institute on Aging
The NIA is one of the National Institutes of Health, the principal biomedical research agency of the US Government. The NIA promotes Healthy Aging® by conducting and supporting biomedical, social, and behavioral research and public education.

National Council on Aging
NCOA conducts research related to positive aging and offers several programs designed to promote healthy behaviors and prevent disease.  Visit their web site to learn more about their research and programs offered. 

NIH Health Information Page

Provides a single access point to the consumer health information resources of the National Institutes of Health, including the NIH Health Information Index, NIH publications, clearinghouses and the Combined Health Information Database.


The 38 Indicators of Well-Being For Older Americans Chart covers physical, mental, social, environmental, and economic factors that impact Senior living.

Do you know the 38 Key Indicators of Well-Being for Older Americans? Click below to find out more about the key  factors that influence the lives of our growing Senior population.

Powerpoint Slides of Charts

Healthy aging begins with healthy living.  It means taking common-sense steps that help you take better care of yourself. There are dozens of simple things you can do to improve your quality of life as you age. Here are 14 easy ideas to help you get off to a good start every day.

Read the 14 steps now

More Outside Resource Links We Like For Healthy Aging

Staying Healthy as a Senior – Several articles that provide practical advice on staying healthy, including exercise, nutrition, and making sure your home environment is comfortable and safe. (

Healthy Aging – This eries delves into many aspects of aging well, including sleep, eating well, exercise, falls, and alcohol abuse. (National Institutes of Health - Senior Health)

Tips for Healthy Living – Articles cover many tips for healthy living, including mental health, disease prevention and independence and fulfillment. (Healthy Aging Partnership)  Provides Free, Reliable Senior Information and Resources

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