What Is Healthy Living?

Healthy living is a measure of how successfully we are able to interact with our environment - physically, socially, mentally, and spiritually. To put it very simply, healthy living is using and caring for our bodies in ways that promote good health and wellness.

5 Reasons To Make Healthy Living A Priority

1.  Healthy living makes us feel better and increases energy.

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To A Healthy Lifestyle

3.  Exercise helps reduce the risk for some diseases.

5.  Exercise and healthy eating helps you look and feel younger.

People who exercise and maintain a healthy weight look younger at every stage of their lives.  Good health and fitness give you self-confidence and enhance your self-esteem.  You not only feel great, you look great - and that’s an unbeatable combination!

When you are fit and living a healthy lifestyle, your mood improves  The exercise itself - and the sense of accomplishment you get from it - are both mood-boosters.  Put simply, you feel better when you exercise regularly.

Exercise makes us feel content, more focused and helps reduce stress.  And regular exercise not only improves our physical well-being, it releases mood-enhancing endorphins that can be as effective as an anti-depressant for those who suffer from depression.

2.  Exercise stimulates and increases you brain functions.

Regular exercise is good for your brain.  It stimulates your mind in much the same way it simulates your muscles (the brain is a muscle, after all). 

Regular daily physical activity

  1.   Helps improve your memory,

  2.   Strengthens focus and concentration

  3.   Boosts brain function and cognition

A healthy lifestyle and regular daily physical activity can help prevent chronic problems like heart disease, stroke and diabetes.  By eating healthy foods and maintaining an active lifestyle, it strengthens your immune system, lowers your cholesterol and helps you maintain a healthy weight. 

It also helps keeps your blood pressure and hypertension under control, and can help with symptoms of arthritis. 

4.  Exercise helps your body perform better as you age.

Regular exercise and physical activity helps you maintain strong, healthy bones and bone density.  It improves your balance, your ability to stand, walk and go up and down stairs - as well as the your posture and your ability to stretch and reach, grasp and lift things.

Brisk walks work your body & brain

A healthy lifestyle is like a mini life-lift -lower stress, a better attitude, and an improved sense of physical well-being.

It pays to be

good to your body.

Daily exercise helps prevent chronic illness.

Feel better and happier with daily exercise and a healthy approach to life.

Like any complex, high-performance machine, our bodies need good fuel - proper nutrition, exercise, clean air and water to function properly.  No matter your age, no matter your physical condition, you are doing yourself a good favor when you strive to live a healthy life.

Our bodies are amazing creations, and perhaps the most complex machines ever created. We should look at them as essential tools for living - tools that, at every age require daily use, proper fuel, special care regular professional maintenance.

Eating food that is good for you, exercising your body, mind and spirit regularly and participating in social activities are the basic building blocks of healthy living as you age.

Make The Most Of Your Life:

Take A Common Sense Approach

To Your Health And Well-Being

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  1. 1. Eat a balanced diet.

  2. 2. Don’t smoke or take unprescribed drugs or supplements.

  3. 3. Exercise and keep your mind and body active.

  4. 4. Get regular checkups.

  5. 5. Practice safety habits at home and in the car.

  6. 6. Connect, laugh and love with others as often as you can.  Provides Free, Reliable Senior Information and Resources

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