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Searching online for health information can be an overwhelming effort that often doesn’t deliver the results you are looking for.  Websites on search results pages don’t come with a Goodhousekeeping’s Seal of Approval, so it is difficult to determine which sites are up-to-date, provide the quality of information you want and are reliable and secure.  That’s why it is always wise to start your online search with sources you can trust.

At we pre-screen and qualify the information, resources and links on our website so you get the information and answers you need in a way that is easy to read and as safe and secure as possible.

When it comes to health and wellness information,

the U.S. Government offers 2 great starting points:

            1.  MedlinePlus at

            2.  HealthFinder at

We refer to and offer downloads and links to both of these well written websites.  The reliability and quality of the information they provide for ourselves and our site visitors makes them go-to sites. 


When you look up a symptom, condition or disease at MedlinePlus (, you are taken to a well-organized web page that delivers the information you are looking for. 

At MedlinePlus you can

  1. Find more than 800 topics on conditions, diseases and wellness

  1. Find information about your prescription and over-the-counter

        medicines, herbs and supplements.

  1. Find information, pictures and diagrams in the Medical


  1. Get correct spellings, definitions, and tutorials of medical terms

  1. Check Current health news and press announcements

  1. Find doctors, dentists and hospitals on the Directory pages

  1. Find local resources for health-related issues

  1. Access local health services, libraries, organizations and

        international websites

  1. Get health information in over 40 languages

MedlinePlus is sponsored by the National Library of Medicine (part of NIH - the National Institutes of Health).  It gathers information from the Library of Medicine, NIH, many other government agencies, and highly regarded health-related organizations.

Healthfinder is another go-to website that As You Age relies on to deliver quality, reliable, up-to-date health information in a language and terms consumers can understand. 

The website is part of the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion in the HHS - the Department of Health and Human Services. 

In addition to general  information about health and wellness, the site offers consumer health news and guides on a variety of topics.


Keep in mind that “.org” doesn’t guarantee a site is reputable. Scammers set up bogus .com, .org, .net and .info websites to rip off consumers.

AsYouAge makes every effort to screen the resources we offer on our website.  Still, we urge our website visitors and all consumers to make sure the businesses and service providers they choose to do business with are reliable and trustworthy.



When you begin to look for reliable information and resources on the Internet, the FTC suggests finding or going to ‘Safe Sites.’

  1.   Government websites:

    Sites ending in .gov, such as these websites:


        Centers for Disease Control & Prevention    


        Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services         

        Food and Drug Administration (FDA)     


        National Cancer Institute 

        National Institute on Aging     

        National Women’s Health Information Center     

The websites above are produced by agencies of the federal government and generally reflect the most recent research and information.


University or Medical School websites are also good sources of information: look for web addresses ending in .edu, or sites for well-known, trusted health facilities.

Websites for not-for-profit groups that focus on research and teaching the public about specific diseases or conditions: look for sites typically end in .org  Provides Free, Reliable Senior Information and Resources

The content on is provided as a courtesy for our site visitors. The information, resources, links, advertisements and other material on AsYouAge does not constitute a professional opinion or advice; nor does it constitute an endorsement of any organization or the information, products and/or services they may offer. AsYouAge reviews and updates its content regularly when new and relevant information is made available. This information is neither intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional advice in any area: health, medical, legal, insurance, financial or any other area. Always seek the advice of your physician or qualified health provider, or caregiver, attorney, financial, insurance expert or other specialist prior to starting, dropping or changing your current program or have questions or concerns  regarding current or anticipated issues.


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Health and Wellness Resources From The U.S. Government

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