Introducing Security Expert, Chris McGoey

Chris McGoey is a community service and security expert. He offers a series of free videos about personal safety and ways to protect yourself and your home against predators and criminals.

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Chris McGoey’s Video Library

Chris McGoey’s safety videos cover home security, personal protection, workplace violence and more.  The videos are organized into a dozen main topics, with specific questions answered in a series of smaller video clips.  Most clips range from 1 to 3 minutes or so in length.  Simply click on the main topic link to view the related video clips.  To return to AsYouAge, just click on the back arrow of your browser.

Violent Crime Prevention - Don't be a Victim

•How likely am I to become a victim of a crime?

•What types of violent crime are the most common?

•What types of violent crime are most preventable?

•What are the characteristics of a typical victim of violent crime?

•What is most important thing I can do to protect myself?

•How can a family security plan protect my loved ones?

•How does a family security plan work when we are not together?

Personal Safety - Street Crime Prevention

•What will make a predator view me as a victim?

•Does my clothing affect a predator’s perception of me?

•How should I carry my handbag to avoid a purse snatcher?

•How can I modify my behavior to avoid becoming a victim?

•What safety precautions can I take before leaving the house?

•How can I be safe when walking alone?

•Will a weapon protect me from violent crime?

•Should I take a self-defense class?

Self-Defense - Weapons & Pepper Spray

•Should I get a weapon for self-defense?

•How do I choose the best pepper spray?

•How does pepper spray work?

Assessing Your Personal Safety - Out in Public

•Can I rely on my intuition when I sense danger?

•How can I tell if someone on the street is a predator?

•What are some warning signs that I am about to be attacked?

•What is the best way to respond when a stranger approaches me?

Prevent Being Attacked - Out in Public

•What should I do if I think I’m in danger of being attacked?

•What should I do if someone seems drunk or on drugs approaches me?

•What should I do if a robber demands my purse or wallet?

•If I am attacked is it better to resist or act passive?

•What are some self-defense techniques to thwart an attack?

•Can I thwart an attack using a weapon?

•What if a kidnapper tries to force me into a car?

Self Protection - While Driving a Vehicle

•How can I stay safe while driving?

•What should I do if a stranger tries to help me with my disabled car?

•What should I do if a stranger in another car is acting aggressive towards me?

Self Protection - While Parking a Vehicle

•How do I choose the safest parking spot?

•What is the safest way to enter a parking space?

Home Invasion Robbery - Protecting the Family

•What changes should I make to the outside of my home?

•What can I do to prevent a home invasion robbery?

•How can fortify my sliding windows and glass doors from intruders?

•What is a “safe room” and do I need one?

•Should I keep a gun in my home for self-defense?

•What common household items make good makeshift weapons?

Strangers Inside Your Home - Repairmen

•How can I stay safe when I hire repairmen for inside my home?

•What should I look for before hiring repairmen for inside my home?

•How can I stay safe when I’m alone with repairmen inside my home?

•What should I do if I suspect a repairman is dangerous?

Violence in Your Home - Protect from Intruders

•What should I do if an intruder breaks into my home?

•If I think I hear an intruder in my home, should I investigate?

•Should I let the intruder know I’m aware of his presence?

•What should I do if a stranger attacks me in my home?

•What should I use as a weapon against an intruder in my home?

Violence in the Workplace - Self Protection

•What should I do if a violent attack occurs in my workplace?

•What should I do if I am the target for an attack in my workplace?

•Can I depend on building security to prevent a violent attack at work?

Stalkers - How to be Safe from Predators

•What is stalking?

•When does obsessive behavior officially become stalking?

•What kinds of stalkers are there?

•When does stalking become a serious threat and what to do about it?

•Should I call the police if I feel that I am being stalked?

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