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Medical Information For Seniors

Although medical information is plentiful on the Internet, finding reliable medical information from online sources you can trust can be a time consuming, difficult task. 

As You Age recommends four highly reliable online sources where you can begin your search for all kinds of Senior-related medical information.

  1. 1.The Medline Plus Website at the U.S. Government’s National Institutes of Health (NIH) at

  2. Medline Plus also also provides links to help you find accredited Doctors, Dentists and Health Specialists.

  3. Find links at

  4. 2.The Aging In The Know and Eldercare At Home pages on the American Geriatric Society’s website at

  5. 3.The Mayo Clinic’s medical links at

  6. At the physicians, researchers and scientists of the Mayo Clinic offer information and health tools to help patients and consumers better manage their health.


        Use the Mayo Clinic’s comprehensive guide to hundreds of    

diseases and conditions

        Use the Mayo Clinic’s symptom checker to discover the most    

common causes of the most common symptoms

        Use The Mayo Clinic’s Health Manager to organize your family’s        

health information in one place and to get personal health    

  1. 4.The Health Alerts section of the Johns Hopkins website at

  2. Johns Hopkins health alerts pages offer help and information on dozens of topics including 

  3.         Arthritis

  4.         Back Pain & Osteoporis

  5.         Cancer

  6.         Caregivers and Caregiving

  7.         Colon Cancer

  8.         Complementary (Alternative) Medicine

  9.         Depression & Anxiety

  10.         Diabetes

  11.         Digestive Health

  12.         Enlarged Prostate

  13.         Exercise and Fitness

  14.         Healthy Living After 50

  15.         Heart Health

  16.         Hypertension & Stroke

  17.         Lung Disorders

  18.         Memory

  19.         Men’s Health

  20.         Nutrition

  21.         Prescription Drugs

  22.         Prostate Disorders

  23.         Sexual Health

  24.         Vision

  25.         Weight Control

  26.         Women’s Health


Find reliable health information online with As You Age resources. 

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