What Happens When You Age

What Does Aging Mean For Seniors?

Aging is a gradual process of physical growth in which your body systems undergo changes that cause it to decline, break down,  work less efficiently and become more susceptible to lifestyle-based illnesses and disease. 

We all age differently and at different speeds, mostly based on our genetic makeup and environment.    Below are some of the changes that happen to our bodies as part of the aging process.

As you Age: a woman at age 5, age 45 and age 75

A Healthy Lifestyles Make A Difference:

The Way You Live Your Life Really Does Matter

The aging of our bodies as we grow older may be inevitable - but adopting a healthy lifestyle plays a significant part in helping to slow down many aging-related changes that occur in our bodies.  Healthy living can help you better manage the aging process as you age.

Every Day We Live We Age.

Our Bodies Are Continually Under Attack 

By Mother Nature and Father Time

Exposure Affects Our Health

  1. Ultraviolet Radiation from the Sun

  2.   Overexposure to the Sun, Tanning

  3.   Chemicals in Cosmetics & Lotions

  4.   Overexposure to Heat or Cold

  5.   Radiation Therapy

Heavy Metals Affect Our Health

  1. Exposure To Mercury

  2. Iron Overload

  3. Aluminum

  4. Copper

  5. Exposure To Lead

Inhaled Gasses & Pollutants Affect Health

  1. Tobacco Smoking

  2. Secondhand Smoke

  3. Environmental Gas & Pollutants

  4. Asbestos Exposure

  5. Airborne Infections

     (Viral, Bacterial, Fungal Infections)

What We Consume Affects Health

  1. Eating High-Fat Foods

  2. Alcohol & Drug Consumption

  3. Chemicals & Additives in Foods

  4. Smokeless (Chewing) Tobacco

  5. Too much salt; Too much sugar

Medicine & Medical Treatments Affect Health

  1. Radiation & X-Rays

  2. Illness, Disease, Prescription Medication

  3. Chemical Therapy 

  4. Bone Marrow & Other Transplant Protocols

Agriculture-Based Products Affect Health

  1. Pesticides

  2. Fungicides

  3. Industrial & Commercial Solvents

  4. Petroleum-based additives

  5. Lead-based paints

Unhealthy Lifestyles Affect Our Health
  1. Sedentary Lifestyle

  2. Inadequate Physical Activity

  3. Poor Eating Habits

  4. Anorexia, Bulimia

  5. Obesity, Overeating

  6. Smoking & Drug Use

  7. Extreme/Risky Behavior


Human Activities & Environmental Pollutants That Adversely Affect Our Health

Mother Nature by Meats Meier

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